• Accessible Tickets for the AEG Warwick Castle Shows can be purchased through the AEG presents website https://www.aegpresents.co.uk/
  • The accessible areas at each of the AEG Warwick Castle Shows are open air with no shade or cover, so please bear this in mind when booking.
  • The following facilities are available only when booked in advance, with valid proof of disability and subject to availability.


  • This raised platform is designed for wheelchair-users and those with disabilities for whom general admission and gold circle standing spaces are not suitable; Personal Assistant (PA) spaces are available if required.
  • Ticket includes:
    •  A free Personal Assistant Pass (this ticket type is sold in multiples of 2: one paying customer plus one free Personal Assistant)
    • A reserved place on the Viewing Platform at the Main Stage
    • General Admission entry
    • Use of accessible toilets
    • Dedicated accessibility team who will be able to assist customer with any questions or issues
    • Chairs will be provided for customers who request them
  • For more information on AEG’s Warwick Castle Shows, please head to
  • A customer and Personal Assistant pass will be issued at the Welfare Tent upon presentation of a valid ticket. The Personal Assistant pass is interchangeable during the event, so if customers come in a group it can be swapped with other members of the party to gain access to the viewing areas.
  • Proof of disability will be required and is done through the ticketing agent prior to the event. See below for further details on valid proof of disability documents.


  • Note on Personal Assistant Passes for the Viewing Platform at the Main Stage
    • This pass is limited to one per paying customer and is provided free of charge at the time of booking event tickets for the two accessible areas listed above.
    • The pass is issued at the Welfare Tent, located inside the event on presenting the Personal Assistant Ticket.
    • The Personal Assistant pass is interchangeable during the event, so if customers come in a group it can be swapped with other members of the party.
  • As our accessible facilities are limited, and we prioritise them for guests with long term disabilities. Therefore, they are not generally available for those with temporary conditions, such as pregnancy or broken limbs. For any issues around access that arise on the day please go to the dedicated Box Office for assistance.
  • If the accessible areas are sold out for your chosen show (or you do not require the accessible areas) – you can contact the event organisers to request a free PA pass for a general admission or golden circle ticket. Requests can be made through the ticketing website for the show.


  • Blue Badge Parking must be booked in advance for each show. Spaces are limited and therefore subject to availability. Bookings for Blue Badge Parking are made through the Gigantic.com
  • Important notes:
    • The Blue Badge Parking ticket is limited to one per paying accessible ticket customer, available at point of purchase as an additional free of charge ticket. Additional spaces will be limited and subject to availability.
    • The Blue Badge Parking ticket is valid with presentation of a blue badge, and event ticket and separate parking ticket on arrival. If you arrive without this documentation you may be refused entry to the car parking area.
    • The exact location and full arrival information will be sent out closer to the event date as part of the individual event accessibility pack.
  • More information on other Blue Badge Parking locations in the surrounding area please check the local council websites for details.


  • Proof of disability is required to provide you and your Personal Assistant with access to the booked accessible areas and facilities.
  • Gigantic is the ticketing agent for accessible tickets. Once you have made a booking you will be contacted requesting proof of disability.
  • Customers who have requested Accessible Tickets have 3 weeks to submit proof of their eligibility.
  • The following are recognised as a valid proof of disability:
    • PIP (Personal Independence Payment)
    • DLA
    • Letter from a medical professional (A Doctors note or a letter from an occupation therapist)
    • Carer’s Allowance
    • A Nimbus Access Card with the +1 symbol
    • Social Services letter – Confirmation in writing from Social Services that the individual is included on their Deaf Register, or a letter or report from an aural specialist confirming that hearing loss has been recorded at 70 – 95 dBHL or worse.
    • War Pensions Mobility allowance
    • Blind or partially sighted registration certificate (BD8 or CVI certificate)
    • A personal letter from the GP, community nurse or social worker
    • Benefit award letters
  • We will review an application without the recommended evidence on a case-by-case basis.
  • For assistance relating to Proof of Disability, please contact Gigantic


  • Accessibility Information Packs for each show will be sent out to Accessible Ticket Holders and Personal Assistants no later than 2 weeks prior to the show day.
  • The Accessibility Information Packs include show specific information such as:
    • Directions to the Event
    • Blue Badge Parking locations
    • Drop off and Pick Up locations
    • Accessible entry lanes
    • Access Map
    • Accessibility Manager and Welfare Tent location
    • Viewing Platform Locations
    • British Sign Language (BSL) Performance Interpreter (if applicable)
    • Hearing & Induction Loops locations
    • Accessible Facilities such as toilets, charging points and assistance dog spending areas


  • These AEG shows take place at Warwick Castle (Coventry).
  • Information about the location can be found on the individual Warwick Castle website, along with information about the parking and transport options available.
  • Access to and from the Accessible Viewing Platform will be on a grass surface, efforts have been made to ensure the access is level, but customers should be aware of undulating grounds at the site.


  • Both the Accessibility Information Pack and Transport information sections on the event websites will include details on accessibility facilities at the closest train station to the relevant venue, and will include distances from the train station to the event entrances. The Accessibility Information Packs will be sent out 2 weeks prior to the event.


  • Accessible Entrance
    • Each venue will have a dedicated accessible lane to the event which is clearly sign-posted. The accessible gate location will be included within the Accessible Information Pack and on the relevant event websites.
  • Box Offices
    • A lowered counter for wheelchair users will be available at the box offices where possible. Provisions will be made where lowered counters are not available.


  • Accessibility Manager
    • Our Accessibility Manager will be the main point of contact for all customer access queries and is based at the dedicated Welfare Tent, near the Accessible platform and facilities. This will be clearly signposted on site and highlighted on the event map. They will also be contactable on radio during the event.
  • British Sign Language (BSL) Performance Interpreter
    • BSL Performance Interpreters can be requested in advance, no less than 8 weeks prior to the show date. The requests for a BSL are made via the website or contacting AEG presents at enquiries@aegpresents.co.uk
  • Accessible Toilets
    • Accessible toilets with hand washing facilities are located at each of the toilet blocks and at the Viewing Platform. For access to the accessible toilets, please speak to the Accessibility Manager.
  • Lowered Counters
    • There will be lowered counters where possible at bars and some food traders. Provisions will be made where lowered counters are not available.
  • Hearing (Induction) Loops
    • These are located at one of the Box Office windows, the Welfare Tent and one bar location, they will be identified by a sign.
  • Quiet Space
    • This is a space that people can use when they need to get away from the crowd for a while. It is located in the Welfare Tent at each of the sites and the team within these Welfare spaces can assist where needed. This space is also a safe area for any medication to be administered.
  • Hidden Disabilities
    • We understand that a hidden disability is not immediately apparent. If you would like support or advice inside the event, our Accessibility Manager will be the main point of contact and is based at the Welfare Tent, near the entrance to the Accessible facilities. Or please contact us in advance with your questions via enquiries@aegpresents.co.uk
  • Assistance Dogs
    • We welcome assistance dogs to the event, as long as they have been specifically trained to assist with your impairment, only use the toilet in a designated spending area and behave in a way that is appropriate around other customers.


Please contact us in advance via enquiries@aegpresents.co.uk if you have high dependency needs or any other enquiries which are not answered on the website or within the FAQ’s. We will do our best to support your visit.